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Hooray for Survival Kits

In decades-old tradition, UCC Digest distributes care packages to 1Ls preparing for their first law finals.


BC Law’s tradition of providing Survival Kits to 1Ls with everything—well, almost everything—they’ll need to face the terrors of their first law school final exams, just keeps getting stronger.

It all started about 25 years ago when Professor Ingrid Hillinger got it into her head to have 2L and 3L UCC Digest students prepare care packages for their younger classmates. “We bought brown paper lunch bags and we all baked cookies (LOTS of them) and we bought cocoa packets and maybe put some trinkets in,” she recalls. “Now it is this HUGE project as Digesters populate the land!”

Today, the giveaway has become a bonanza of goodies and swag—items range from highlighters, candy, and phone chargers to notepads, coffee mugs, and whoopie pies—donated by some 40 contributors, most of them law firms. New this year: a pouch with Band-Aids, Advil, and skin cream plus new partnerships with Cityside Bar and Massage Envy in Brookline, which offered custom coupons to BC Law students.

For Digesters “it’s a really cool, altruistic effort to take care of the next generation,” says Michael Foley ’19, development editor of the Uniform Commercial Code Reporter-Digest. “I think firms feel that way, too.”