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Reforming Entity Taxation

On October 10, Boston College Law School partnered with Tax Analysts to host a conference to examine the latest proposed reforms in the taxation of business profits from around the world.

Photograph by Caitlin Cunningham Photography

The conference brought together leading experts on entity taxation from academia and from the various Tax Analysts publications. Lee Sheppard, contributing editor of Tax Analysts’ Tax Notes and one of the nation’s most widely read and respected tax commentators, was the keynote speaker (see video).

“It was our pleasure to host such an outstanding group of tax scholars,” said BC Law Professor Diane Ring (pictured left), who organized the conference along with colleagues James Repetti and Brian Galle.

The conference was held in three sessions:

The first addressed the corporate entity, its contemporary challenges and the potential for reform and featured Mirit Eyal-Cohen (Alabama); Deborah Schenk (NYU); and Dan Shaviro (NYU). It was moderated by Jeremy Scott, Editor, Tax Notes. BC Law Professor Brian Galle served as Commentator.

The second session turned to passthrough entity taxation and the partnership, and featured Karen Burke (Florida); Andrea Monroe (Temple); and Gregg Polsky (UNC). It was moderated by Amy Elliott, Contributing Editor, Tax Notes. BC Law Professor James Repetti served as Commentator.

The final session shifted to the international arena and the difficulties in taxing multinational entities today. It featured Allison Christians (McGill); Robert Peroni (Texas); and Martin Sullivan (Tax Analysts). The session was moderated by Sam Young, Editor Worldwide Tax Daily. BC Law Professor Diane Ring served as Commentator.

The conference was funded, in part, from the Boston College Law School Paulus Endowment for Tax Programs.

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