Winter 2015


BCWin15_Foremost_03David Reich, Writer: During thirty years as a feature writer for magazines and newspapers, David Reich has published profiles of nationally known political figures as well as articles on politics, business, science and technology, the arts, the law, and law enforcement. His novel The Antiracism Trainings was published in 2010. In “Ever the Hit Man, ‘Whitey’ Bulger Snuffed the Truth,” he reports in this issue on the questions left unanswered in the Boston mobster’s trial.


BCWin15_Foremost_04Chris Gall, Illustrator: Chris Gall has been a world-renowned illustrator for more than twenty-five years. His clients include the New York Times and Newsweek. He is also the author/illustrator of the best-selling children’s book Dinotrux. More of his work can be seen at “As I was working on the illustration for “Writing Their Way into Law School,” I realized I was grateful that, when I attended college, application essays were not required by most universities.”


BCWin15_Foremost_05Jane Whitehead, Writer: British-born freelance writer Jane Whitehead is based in Boston and New York. An Oxford graduate, she came to the US in 1992. Her articles have appeared in the Boston Globe, ArchitectureBoston, Horn Book Magazine, and many alumni publications. Lawyers make great storytellers, she finds, and she’s particularly intrigued by those whose careers take unexpected turns, like that of Catalina Girald ’00, whom she profiles in “Law, Pluck, and Lingerie.”


BCWin15_Foremost_06Bob O’Connor, Photographer: Boston-based photographer Bob O’Connor is a regular contributor to Boston, Technology Review, Wall Street Journal, and Yankee. His shoot for the ten-page leadership feature took him to Rhode Island, New York, Washington, DC, and parts of Massachusetts. “Working out the schedule for the portraits of busy BC Law grads,” he says, “took nearly as much time as the actual photography did.”

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