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Light the World

Light the World

Campaign Donors


BC Law’s campaign commitments include gifts and pledges made between June 1, 2004 and the present.

7.5 Million+
Jerome Lyle and Phyllis Rappaport

3 Million+
Arbella Foundation
Liberty Mutual

2 Million+
Marianne D. Short ’76 and Raymond L. Skowyra Jr.

$1 Million+
James A. ’68 and Lois Champy*
Leonard F. ’77 and Geri DeLuca*
David A. T. ’71 and Pamela Donohue
Charles J. ’59 and Barbara Gulino*
David C. Weinstein ’75

Estate of Tedd J. ’35 and Victoria E. Syak

Roger M. ’62 and Barbara Bougie*
Robert K. Decelles ’72 and Mary L. DuPont*
Michael H. ’83 and Helen Lee
Michael J. ’77 and Christine Marie Puzo*
Joseph M. ’87 and Laura Vanek

Hugh J. and Martina David Ault*
Kimberly L. and Paul T. Dacier
John F. Donohue and Frances L. Robinson
William M. Kargman ’67, P’11
Robert D. Keefe ’72
Kieran Estate
Brian J. Knez ’84
Miss Wallace Minot Leonard Foundation
Joan Lukey ’74 and Philip D. Stevenson*
Raymond T. Mancini
Christopher C. ’75 and Laura Lee Mansfield
James M. ’73 and Lisa Micali*
Raymond F. ’61 and Pamelee Murphy*
Jeanne M. Picerne ’92
Ronald R.S. Picerne P’92
Jeffrey S. Sabin ’77
John H. Schaaf ’51*
William ’82 and Cynthia Simon
David M. ’76 and Lisa Solomon

Anonymous (2)
Kathryn J. Barton ’87
John F. Boc ’74, P’07
John F. ’74 and Carole Bronzo P’11
George G. ’59 and Sandra Backofen Burke* P’92
Robert C. Ciricillo ’70*
Denis P. Cohen ’76*
Daniel R. Coquillette P’96
John J. ’57 and Mary D. Curtin P’90, ’88
Lidia B. ’80 and David W. Devonshire
Christopher D. ’88 and Molly Dyke Dillon
John D. Donovan ’81 and Donna L. Hale
Clover M. Drinkwater ’81
Douglass N. ’72 and Caroline A. Ellis
Michael K. ’84 and Elizabeth C. Fee P’15
Goulston & Storrs
John D. ’74 and Barbara F. Hanify P’17
Harold Hestnes ’61
Ellen S. ’75 and Jeffrey G. Huvelle*
Anne P. Jones ’61
Robert P. ’75 and Jeanne Joy
Paul M. ’70 and Ellen Ennis Kane P’93, ’92
Donald M. Keller ’83
John M. and Lizanne T. Kenney
George M. Kunath ’73
Mark Leddy ’71
Peggy Ann Leen
James Lerner ’80, P’14
David Leslie ’74, P’07
Douglas J. MacMaster ’58
James E. McDermott ’80 and Sharon A. Bazarian
John J. McHale ’75
Kathleen M. McKenna ’78
Robert C. Mendelson ’80
Michael E. ’67 and Margaret Supple Mone P’96
John T. ’75 and Kristin Montgomery P’11, ’06
Daniel F. ’75 Jr. and Jane E. Murphy
Albert A. Notini ’83
Estate of Frank Oliver
Robert and Kathleen Paulus P’05
R. Robert Popeo ’61, P’98, ’94
Francis D. Privitera ’56, P’95, ’95
Philip J. Privitera ’95
Michael J. Richman ’85
Patricia K. Rocha ’82, P’14
Kitt ’77 and Heather B. Sawitsky*
Kathleen E. Shannon ’75
Richard A. and Joanne M. Spillane P’12
James F. Stapleton ’57
Debra Brown Steinberg ’79
John A. ’81 and Patrice Tarantino P’12
Robert A. Trevisani ’58
David Wirth*
Douglas L. ’78 and Maureen E. Wisner
Joanne Caruso ’85 and Thomas ’84 Zaccaro

*Includes a legacy gift designated to BC Law School