Winter 2015

The Clough Center: Lectures That Ask the Big Questions

Legal philosophers, historians, constitutionalists, and other specialists contributed last fall to a series of thoughtful presentations by BC’s Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy, including to its Distinguished Lectures in Jurisprudence at the Law School. Professor Vlad Perju is the center’s director. The following is a list of speakers and their topics:

  • NYU law professor Mattias Kumm on “Cosmopolitan Legitimacy in Constitutional Democracy.”
  • Tommie Shelby of Harvard’s Department of African and African-American Studies on “Punishment, Condemnation, and Social Injustice.”
  • Harvard law professor Roberto Unger on “The Prophetic Task of Legal Thought.”
  • Panelists Tom Ginsburg of the University of Chicago, Tokujin Matsudaira of Kanagawa University, and Franziska Seraphim of Boston College on “The War on Japan’s Pacifist Constitution.”
  • Yale law professor Peter H. Schuck on “Why Government Fails So Often and What Legal Education Can Do to Address the Problem.”
  • University of Toronto law professor Ran Hirschl keynotes the Symposium on Constitution-Making and Constitutional Design convened by BC law professor Richard Albert.

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