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Environmental Law Society’s “Wild” Winged Earth Day

Boston College Law School’s Environmental Law Society hosted an unusual guest for Earth Day 2015: Ruby, a Peregrine Falcon.

Mark Fanning, a master falconer from Maine, brought Ruby to campus as part of a “Wild Wings” demonstration for students, faculty and staff. Fanning discussed an effort by falconers and orn​i​thologists​ ​in Boston​ ​and a number of other cities​​ to encourage the birds to nest on city skyscrapers, which has led to a remarkable resurgence in the falcon population.

Peregrines, once on the federal endangered species list, have since recovered from predation and poisons, quadrupled successful nesting over the past decade, and are no longer in danger of extinction.

“We had a good turnout and explored some intriguing facts and policies,” said BC Law professor and ELS advisor Zyg Plater. “More than a dozen people who attended the session were brave enough to hold the falcon, on a padded glove, of course. It was pretty special to watch.”

Professor Kari Hong also held the falcon (pictured above). “Being so up close to the falcon was incredible,” she said. “The peregrine falcon is my 5 year old son’s favorite animal. I knew I would get some Mom cred with this photo.”


Pat Gallagher ’16 holds the hooded falcon.

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