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Last Line of Defense: the High-Profile Path of J.W. Carney ’78

From–Everyone seems to know Jay Carney (BC Law ’78). He’s the guy who defended James J. “Whitey” Bulger the mobster. And Tarek Mehanna the terrorist. And John C. Salvi the abortion clinic murderer. Plus dozens and dozens of other low-profile suspected murderers, rapists and robbers caught up in the criminal justice system.

“I tried to get the phone number 1-800-HEINOUS-CRIMES, but they said it was too long,” Carney says with a smile.

The notorious have built Carney’s legendary reputation. But those aren’t the cases that have left the deepest mark on him. It was in Middlesex County 30 years ago. He wasn’t even a defense attorney.

It was a routine rape trial, and the only outcome to ever leave the master storyteller speechless.

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