Summer 2015

BC Law Faculty Achievements

He Rules: Professor Mark Brodin, editor of the Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence, has been named editor of the six-volume treatise, Weinstein’s Federal Evidence. He was recommended for the position by Professor Daniel Coquillette, who serves on the senior editorial board of Moore’s Federal Practice. With this prestigious appointment, Brodin will have an opportunity to shape evolving law, as his job will include taking positions on controversial rulings and statutes.

A Look at Ireland’s Police: Professor Robert Bloom ’71 is a recipient of the Trinity College Dublin Long Room Hub Fellowship, a distinguished recognition from Ireland’s oldest and most esteemed law school. Bloom was granted the fellowship after proposing to study the An Garda Síochána (“the Guardian of the Peace”), the police force of Ireland. In recent years, the Garda has been criticized for corruption and lack of accountability, and Bloom hopes to work with Garda and Irish government officials to investigate these accusations.

Ensuring Student Success: For her work as Associate Dean for External Relations, Diversity, and Inclusion at BC Law, Tracey West was named a National Association for Law Placement (NALP) Diversity Champion for 2015. West has led the successful 1L LAHANAS program, which assists diverse students in their transition to the Law School and the profession. She also fosters relationships with external sponsors committed to diversity. Her position as associate dean was one of the first diversity and inclusion positions at any law school with a direct report to the dean.

Making Constitutions Work: Associate Professor Richard Albert was a convener of the invitation-only Workshop on Comparative Constitutional Amendment held in May at the BC Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy. The gathering drew experts from around the globe, including prominent scholars from Oslo, Vienna, Peking, Ghent, and Dublin, as well as a number from top American law schools. Outcomes of the event will eventually be gathered into a book.

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