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In the Field

Paths to Success

Alumni find career satisfaction in unusual places.

Company Employee

F. Thomas O’Halloran ’80
Change of Plans; A former trial lawyer, he headed to the world of Wall Street in 1987 and now is partner and portfolio manager for Lord Abbett, a privately held investment management firm. He directs the firm’s small cap growth, micro cap growth, and growth equity strategies. How He Does It: “I always throw myself at more than I can handle. I love the contest I am engaged in.” No Regrets: “Law taught me to make decisions in complex matters, and trial law transformed my communication skills.”


Julia Yong-hee Park ’05
The Journey Originally from Korea, she practiced securities law at Cravath for four years before launching a solo immigration practice. Now is managing director of a New York EB-5 regional center that assists immigrant investors seeking permanent US residency. Best Part: “Working with younger attorneys on my team who are eager to learn.” Revelation: “I’m surprised that every experience I had in seemingly unrelated fields helps me in things I do today. There is no such thing as time wasted.”


Kyle Robertson ’08
Trajectory: He worked as an artificial intelligence engineer before law school, did a stint at WilmerHale, and is now founder of NarrativeDx, an analytics platform that helps hospitals improve patient care and engagement. Input: “There is a strong financial incentive for hospitals to understand what patients are saying and how they can improve. Our technology turns masses of patient narratives about care experiences into actionable insights in real time.” Wisdom: “The long-lasting relationships from law school are as valuable as the degree.”


Deborah Silva ’92
Justice for All: As director of the Equal Justice Coalition, she provides civil legal aid to one million low-income people in Massachusetts. Misperceptions: “I spend a lot of time correcting the incredibly widespread belief that people who live in poverty do so because they are too lazy to work, even though, in many instances, they are trying to make ends meet by working two or even three jobs.” Satisfaction: “What I love about my job is knowing that my work has contributed to leveling the playing field.”


Eleanor C. Sinnott ’89
Career: She served in the US Navy and was appointed to the Boston Municipal Court bench in 2006. Currently, the founding and presiding judge of the Boston Veterans Treatment Court, which helps rehabilitate veterans struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues, enabling them to lead productive and law-abiding lifestyles. Breaking Barriers: She was the first Korean American judge appointed in Massachusetts. Advice: “If you are afraid of trying a case, find a case to try. Gain credibility and confidence by tackling those things you fear most.”


Marta Villacorta ’07
Self-Starter: Not many American attorneys end up in Micronesia, let alone as the court attorney for the Chuuk State Supreme Court. Her Role: “As one of the four states of the Federated States of Micronesia, Chuuk’s legal system is evolving. I had the opportunity to serve as a legal advisor to the five state court judges on both civil and criminal matters.” Advice: “Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and explore new territories, even if that means you have to travel 8,000 miles to get there.”