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The Making of a Legacy

3L class gift funds public interest fellow.


The Class of 2015 is transforming last year’s class gift campaign into what many hope will become a lasting tradition of impressive success that provides tangible resources to a BC Law student. This year’s 3Ls reached more than 90 percent participation and raised enough in gifts and matching funds to help support a student from the Class of 2016 in a one-year post-graduate fellowship in public interest law.

Collette Irving, Lainey Sullivan, and David Weinstein
Collette Irving, Lainey Sullivan, and David Weinstein

LSA President Alaina “Lainey” Sullivan ’15 explained why this project resonates: “Our degree is supposed to be about helping people and helping communities. We all feel deeply drawn to the idea of making a real difference in real lives.”

At the March kickoff event, Sullivan introduced Colette Irving ’14, recipient of the first school-funded post-grad fellowship of this kind, founded by the Law School to recognize the fundraising achievement of Irving’s class.

In May, BC Law named Shannon Johnson ’15 as the Class of 2014 Public Service Fellow. Johnson will join Ascentria Care Alliance in Worcester, where she will provide legal services, training, and advocacy for immigrant youth and their families.

The driving force behind the class gift program is David Weinstein ’75, a Boston College trustee and Dean’s Advisory Board member. Since 2006, Weinstein has provided incentives to help student leaders raise funds and increase 3L participation.

“Beyond the immediate reward of public service fellowships, the class gift program promises long-term benefits for BC Law and its graduates,” explains Weinstein. “Students who contribute to BC Law upon graduation are also more likely to contribute as alumni, especially when they see the positive impact. And 3Ls gain valuable experience learning how to ask others to financially support a cause they believe in. Mastering the ‘ask’ is a lifelong skill that helps alumni build their communities.”