Summer 2015

Young Achievers

Speaking Truth to Power: Alaskan Sam Gottstein ’15 parlayed his Boston College Law Review note on domestic and sexual assault and alcohol abuse among Alaska Natives into a Clough Center travel grant that enabled him to testify before the Alaska State Legislature in March. He discussed tribal jurisdiction and how the status quo in Alaska fails to adequately protect the rural Alaska Native population from this violence. His note argued that the State of Alaska has been the main impediment to jurisdictional reforms and that Congress and the State of Alaska should expand tribal jurisdiction to give Alaska Natives the ability to stem the tide of the epidemic. While in Juneau, Gottstein met with the Lieutenant Governor and legislators, testified before the House Judiciary Committee, and gave a Lunch and Learn presentation that was broadcast statewide.

Selfless Acts: Shannon Johnson ’15 was selected as one of two law students to receive a Merit Distinction for the PSJD Pro Bono Publico Award, which honors one law student nationwide for his or her pro bono contribution to society. Shannon was selected because of her single-minded dedication to immigrant youth. Matt Brooks ’15 was also a finalist for the award for his work reviving the anti-foreclosure task force.

Third Time’s the Charm: This is the third consecutive year (and the fourth overall) that a Law School student has won the prestigious Deak Award. The winner is Kathryn Manza ’14 for her note, “Making Chocolate Sweeter: How to Encourage Hershey Company to Clean Up Its Supply Chain and Eliminate Child Labor,” which appeared in the Boston College International and Comparative Law Review. The Deak Award is bestowed by Oxford University Press for the best international law student article in a student-edited law journal.

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