Winter 2016


A Good Vibe

c1r1bclaw_sum2015The new magazine looks awesome; the layout really pops. The content has always been great, but I also think Dean Vincent Rougeau’s interviews with thought leaders [“Brainstorm”] and his regular column [“Behind the Columns”] have created an energetic vibe.

I really appreciate his outward-facing vision on extending BC Law’s global awareness. I’ve also been impressed by his support for matters such as lawyers’ cultural IQ, diversity, alumni affinity groups, civil rights, legal education, and current affairs that have an impact on the practice of law. He’s written about all of these issues in the past several years.

For example, after the Law School hosted a panel on lawyers’ cultural IQ, he interviewed social work professor emerita Elaine Pinderhughes in the magazine on the topic and later wrote a column about “demography” and BC Law being “well situated to prosper from diversity.” He also interviewed law professor Vlad Perju, director of BC’s Clough Center and discussed the importance of comparative study for constitutional democracy and of engaging in interdisciplinary conversations about self-governance. Thus, in just two back-to-back issues, the dean managed to reach out to affinity students, faculty, and alumni.

On the fiftieth anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, the dean discussed the ensuing transformation and redefining of our nation. Last winter he addressed the increased cynicism about and dysfunction within government, and heralded the timing of the exciting partnership between BC Law and the Rappaport Foundation, whose new center at the Law School is focused on better policy making. Most recently, he took on technology and the law vis–à–vis serving both the public and private sectors, as well as improving opportunities to serve the indigent and underserved.

I find our dean’s personal touch in building upon these concepts and ideas toward a larger vision of BC Law and its impact, to be not just brilliant, but also meaningful. His very real presence in the magazine, with its new format, inspires. As an alumna, I am proud of his leadership, and look forward to reading more.

Ingrid Chiemi Schroffner ’95
Boston, MA


I thought the Summer 2015 edition of the magazine was outstanding. The articles were very well written, interesting, and varied. Great job.

Harry Damelin ’72
Washington, DC

In the News

BC Law Magazine made the news recently when CNN, in its coverage of the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s actions in the Freddie Gray police brutality case, quoted from the story, “The Imperturbable Marilyn Mosby ’05,” calling her “the prosecutor who quieted a troubled city.”

For the Record

In “God Bless the Child That’s Got Her Own” [Summer 2015], the correct name of the program in which Taisha Sturdivant ’16 spent her preliminary year at Brandeis University was the Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program.

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