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BC Couple, Married Over 60 Years, Pass Within Hours of Each Other

It’s a Boston College love story decades in the making, with a bittersweet ending. Robert and Lucille Robinson, who met at Boston College when Robert ’52 was attending law school, passed away peacefully within hours of each other on April 20.

“They were right there, side-by-side in bed, still holding hands through it all,” their daughter Maryann told “I think my dad, being a patriarch of the family, just thought, ‘I’m gonna go check this place out and see if it’s a good place for Lucille and me.’”

Lucille received a degree in nursing from Boston College in 1950, and Robert, after studying economics at BC, eventually earned his law degree from BC Law. The couple settled in Maine, where they raised four children. Robert co-founded a firm in Portland which would later become Robinson, Kriger, and McCallum, practicing for over 50 years, while Lucille became the director of clinical instruction at the Mercy Hospital School of Nursing.

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