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Light the World

Alumni Community Surpasses Goal for Light the World.


Boston College Law School recently closed out its most ambitious fundraising effort ever—part of the University-wide Light the World campaign—with gifts and pledges totaling nearly $64 million, more than 25 percent beyond its original goal.

“This was a remarkable achievement, particularly given the economic conditions in place when the campaign held its public launch in 2008,” says Jessica Cashdan, executive director of advancement and associate dean. “Our success is due entirely to the hard work and commitment of alumni, students, faculty, parents, and friends who embraced the campaign’s potential to secure a bright future for BC Law.”

Among the largest areas to benefit are life-changing financial aid, vital support for faculty scholarship, and major investments in new centers of excellence. The campaign also helped fund numerous public service initiatives and curricular innovations that strengthen BC Law’s position as one of the premier law schools in the nation.

Above all, the campaign has helped maintain BC Law’s impressive track record in preparing students to play meaningful roles throughout society. From law firms to boardrooms, from government agencies to legislatures, from nonprofit organizations to entrepreneurial ventures, our graduates make a difference in every aspect of social, legal, and political life in this country.

“The Light the World campaign has strengthened our ability to deliver on our commitment to prepare today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders,” notes Dean Vincent Rougeau. “We extend deep gratitude to each and every person who played a role in this success.”

To view the infographic detailing the Light the World campaign, click here.

Campaign Donors**

$7.5 Million+

Phyllis and Jerome Lyle Rappaport


$3 Million+

Liberty Mutual


$2 Million+

Arbella Foundation

Marianne D. Short ’76 and Raymond L. Skowyra*


$1 Million+


James A. ’68 and Lois Champy*

Leonard F. ’77 and Geri DeLuca*

David A.T. ’71 and Pamela Donohue

Charles J. ’59 and Barbara Gulino*

Edward R. ’71 and Patricia Leahy*

David C. Weinstein ’75



Robert K. Decelles ’72 and Mary L. DuPont*

Estate of Tedd J. ’35 and Victoria E. Syak



Roger M. ’62 and Barbara Bougie*

Kimberly L. and Paul T. Dacier

Robert D. Keefe ’72

Michael H. ’83 and Helen Lee

Miss Wallace Minot Leonard Foundation

Michael J. ’77 and Christine Marie Puzo*

Lawrence Ruttman ’58*

Joseph M. ’87 and Laura Vanek



Anonymous (2)


Hugh J. and Martina David Ault*

Kathryn J. Barton ’87

John F. Donohue and Frances L. Robinson

Ellen S. ’75 and Jeffrey G. Huvelle*

William M. Kargman ’67, P ’11

Kieran Estate

Brian J. Knez ’84

Dennis A. Lalli ’77

Joan Lukey ’74 and Philip D. Stevenson*

Raymond T. Mancini

Christopher C. ’75 and Laura Lee Mansfield

Robert C. Mendelson ’80

James M. ’73 and Lisa Micali*

Raymond F. ’61 and Pamelee Murphy*

Jeanne M. Picerne ’92

Ronald R.S. Picerne P ’92

Michael J. Richman ’85

Jeffrey S. Sabin ’77

John H. Schaaf ’51* †

William ’82 and Cynthia Simon

David M. ’76 and Lisa Solomon

John A. ’81 and Patrice Tarantino P ’12



Anonymous (2)


John F. Boc ’74, P ’07

John F. ’74 and Carole Bronzo P ’11

George G. ’59 and Sandra Backofen Burke* P ’92

Joseph H. Burke ’72

Philip Cahill ’48*

Richard Campbell ’74

Robert C. Ciricillo ’70*

Denis P. Cohen ’76*

Daniel R. Coquillette P ’96

John J. ’57 † and Mary D. Curtin † P ’90, ’88

Lidia B. ’80 and David W. Devonshire †

John D. Donovan ’81 and Donna L. Hale

Clover M. Drinkwater ’81

Douglass N. ’72 and Caroline A. Ellis

Michael K. ’84 and Elizabeth C. Fee P ’15

Deborah Beth Goldberg ’83 and Michael Winter

Goulston & Storrs

Michael A. Hacker ’78, P’13

John D. ’74 and Barbara F. Hanify P ’17

John E. Henry ’91

Harold Hestnes ’61

Thomas P. Jalkut ‘76

Anne P. Jones ’61

Robert P. ’75 and Jeanne Joy

Paul M. ’70 and Ellen Ennis Kane P ’93, ’92

Donald M. Keller ’83

John M. and Lizanne T. Kenney

George M. Kunath ’73

Mark Leddy ’71

Peggy Ann Leen

James Lerner ’80, P’14

David Leslie ’74, P ’07

Douglas J. MacMaster ’58

Elizabeth A. Martin ’92

William A. McCormack ’67

James McDermott ’80 and Sharon Bazarian

John J. McHale ’75

Kathleen M. McKenna ’78

Michael E. ’67 and Margaret Supple Mone P ’96

John T. ’75 and Kristin Montgomery P ’11, ’06

Daniel F. ’75 and Jane E. Murphy Jr.

Albert A. Notini ’83

Mark Nuccio ’78

Estate of Frank Oliver

Amy Parker ’13

Martin ’90 and Kathleen ’90 Pasqualini

Robert and Kathleen Paulus P ’05

Robert Popeo ’61, P ’98, ’94

Francis D. Privitera ’56, P ’95, ’95

Philip J. Privitera ’95

Hon. and Mrs. James F. Queenan ’53

Jeffrey Renzulli ’92

Patricia K. Rocha ’82, P’14

Kitt ’77 and Heather B. Sawitsky*

Kathleen E. Shannon ’75

Richard A. and Joanne M. Spillane P ’12

James F. Stapleton ’57

Debra Brown Steinberg ’79

Paul E. Sullivan ’69

Robert A. Trevisani ’58


David Wirth*

Douglas L. ’78 and Maureen E. Wisner

Joanne Caruso ’85 and Thomas ’84 Zaccaro


* Includes a legacy gift designated to BC Law School

** Includes gifts and pledges made between June 1, 2004, and present