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Protecting Immigrants from Exploitation

Law and social work experts think collaboratively about protecting the vulnerable.


Law professors Daniel Kantroom and Mary Holper and a top Federal Trade Commission attorney were among panelists convened Oct. 28 to explore how immigrants are exploited and what might be done to protect them from fraud, deception, and scams.

A joint venture of BC’s law and social work schools, the event focused on how these disciplines might be harnessed to mitigate the damage to immigrants’ lives.

Robin E. Eichen (pictured), senior general attorney at the FTC, and Timothy Depin of the Boston Attorney General’s office joined Westy Egmont of BC’s Immigrant Immigration Lab and the law professors in an effort to develop effective strategies and initiatives that could help.

Read the story and view the video here.

Photograph by Jessie Holloman, MTS, BC