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Boston College Prepares for the Future

A new plan is in the making at BC.


The University Strategic Planning Initiative, a comprehensive effort to craft a vision and set institutional priorities for the future, began in December 2015. A steering committee was appointed, which included Law School Dean Vincent Rougeau, along with senior leaders from across Boston College.

In spring 2016, the committee led the University through an intensive period of assessment. Teams around the University undertook the self-assessments, evaluating BC’s strengths and weaknesses, and discerning the challenges it faces and opportunities it can seize.

The Law School conducted one such assessment, engaging the faculty and administration in several sessions to examine questions about mission, identity, and priorities for the future, among other critical topics.

“We convened our community to dive deeply into questions about our core mission and how to position the school to build on our strengths and to meet the opportunities we foresee,” said Dean Vincent Rougeau. “I was particularly energized by widespread interest among students and faculty in greater collaboration across the University. The legal profession plays a critical role in nearly every sector of society. The prospect of enhancing our role in the University to expand what we can offer is exciting indeed.”

Over the summer, the steering committee sifted through the team’s findings and identified key themes around which the University will concentrate resources in the decade ahead. These priorities will form the basis of a draft strategic plan for the Board of Trustees to review beginning in 2017.

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