Winter 2017


BCWin17_Contrib_VossStephen Voss, Photographer
Voss lives in Washington, DC. He has been recognized by American Photography Annual, Communication Arts Photography Annual, and the White House News Photographers Association and been published by TIME, the New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, Politico, and National Public Radio, among others. “Doing these shoots for BC Law was a great look at the diversity of jobs that graduates do in our nation’s capital,” he says of his work in this issue. “It’s rare to be able to incorporate so many of the city’s monuments and its beautiful architecture into a shoot and I was excited for the opportunity. A number of the subjects braved chilly weather to be photographed outside the Supreme Court, the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, and other iconic spaces in DC.”

BCWin17_Contrib_CunninghamJohn O. Cunningham ’81, Writer
Cunningham’s work has appeared in dozens of publications, covering subjects associated with law, medicine, science, education, and sports. He also worked as a lawyer for seventeen years, ultimately serving as chief legal officer for Chief Auto Parts (now part of AutoZone) and then Pizzeria UNO. After his legal career, he acted as an editor and reporter for Lawyers Weekly publications before embarking on his freelance voyage. Of his conversations with Margaret Heckler ’56, he says: “She still speaks with energy and determination reminiscent of my late mother, one among the army of women who worked on Heckler’s campaigns for Congress. It was truly touching to feel the thread of life that still connects us through the shared experience of BC Law.”

BCWin17_Contrib_ZederJeri Zeder, Writer
Zeder contributes regularly to BC Law Magazine and other publications. She is a graduate of Brown University and the Boston University School of Law. After working for a time as an assistant general counsel for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, she embarked on a freelance writing career. Her articles in this issue anchor the special section on “BC in DC,” which looks at the successes of alumni in the nation’s capital. The project got her thinking about what influence is and what it means to wield it. “The most intriguing influencers I interviewed,” she says, “were those who felt that their careers had a higher purpose, and matched their conduct to their ideals, regardless of their job titles or other external indicators of clout.”

BCWin17_Contrib_StaufferBrian Stauffer, Illustrator
Stauffer is based in the San Francisco Bay area and is a contributing artist to the New York Times, New Yorker, TIME, and over 300 others worldwide. His illustrations are best known for their conceptual take on social issues. Through a unique combination of hand-drawn sketches, painted elements, and scanned found objects, his work bridges the traditional and digital realms. His images are in numerous permanent collections, including the Museum of the Society of Illustrators. “This assignment [see “China Syndrome”] offered a great chance to do what I like to best: distill. I enjoy breaking complex subjects down to the most basic essence. Anyone battling a monolithic, illogical power likely will relate to the illustration accompanying the story of wrongly accused spies.”

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