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BC Law #16 in Law Grads Hiring Report

National Law Journal ranks schools by the number of full-time, long-term, JD-required positions for class of 2016.


The National Law Journal has released its annual report of graduate employment, and BC Law has come in at #16 overall, according to the NLJ special report. BC Law also ranked #19 in large firm hiring. The report is based on full-time, long-term JD-required positions for the Class of 2016, the gold standard for law jobs, as reported by the American Bar Association.

The NLJ report also provided a more comprehensive chart that breaks down law schools by different categories, including which schools sent the most students into federal and state clerkships, government and public interest jobs, which had the highest unemployment rates, and which had the most school-funded positions.

For more, please see the NLJ website (free registration may be required).