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Summer 2017

Commencement 2017

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Associate Justice Geraldine Hines, a child of the segregated south who rose to defend rights her brethren were denied, addressed two hundred and thirty-eight JD graduates and fifteen LLM graduates at BC Law’s 84th Commencement on May 26. Speaking in Conte Forum, Hines implored the new lawyers to speak the truth. “Those of you who will take up the cause of the poor, the wrongly convicted, the immigrant, or any of the despised among us, together with people of good will, are the best defense against the retrenchment that some would like to see in our country,” she said. “You cannot allow this to happen…equal justice under the law is still an aspiration.”

To view the video of Commencement, go to www.bc.edu/lawcommencement.

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