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Scholarship Dinner 2017

"This Is What BC Law Is About"


Michael Mone ’67, speaking at the twelfth annual Scholarship Dinner at the Four Seasons in Boston last April, said that as soon as he was able after obtaining his degree, he began giving to BC Law.

Some fifty years later, he remains committed to providing scholarship funds. “The reputation of the school depends on the quality of students you’re graduating every year,” Mone said to the assembled scholarship donors, recipients and their guests. And the surest way to attract those bright candidates is to make law school affordable for them.

That was certainly the case for Vaishali Goyal ’18, a student from a low-income immigrant household. She suffered a life-threatening illness in her senior year at Boston College, which supported her in various ways during the crisis.

Then, eighteen months later, BC Law stepped up with its own offering, a gift from the Raymond J. Kenney Jr. ’53 L’58 Boston College Law School Scholarship Fund, ensuring that she could continue her dream of attending law school.

“The people here care,” Goyal said during her speech at the dinner. “They want you to think, reflect, discern. They challenge you to be a more thoughtful, better you. That is what life is about. That is what law school is about.

“This,” she concluded, taking in the community of about 100 people before her, “is what BC Law is about.”

1. James T. Jones ’04 and Cusaj Thomas ’18.
2. Danielle Salvucci Black ’96, Taylor Gibson ’18, and Rose Salvucci.
3. Brandon Ferrick ’19 and Joan Lukey ’74.
4. David A. T. Donohue ’71 and Haley Grissom ’19.
5. Joseph L. Vanek ’87 and Patrick Raynor ’18.
6. Erika Steinbauer ’18 and David C. Weinstein ’75.
7. Michael E. Mone ’67.
8. Ramona R. Barrett ’17 and Jeffrey S. Sabin ’77.
9. Frederick N. Halstrom ’70 and Paul M. Kane ’70.
10. Vaishali Goyal ’18 and Michael E. Mone ’67.