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Oxford University Press Releases New Book by Kaveny

In her latest volume, professor of law, religion, and ethics suggests new ways to achieve moral wisdom.

Portrait of newly named professor Cathy Kaveny, a prominent expert in law, ethics and medical ethics. Position is shared by Theology and Law. Photographed for the 1/30 issue of Chronicle.  Photograph by Lee Pellegrini

The most recent book by Darald and Juliet Libby Professor Cathleen Kaveny, Ethics at the Edges of Law: Christian Moralists and American Legal Thought, published in November by Oxford University Press, deepens her exploration into the connections between law, religion, and morality.

According to the publisher, an interdisciplinary conversation between law and Christian thought exists, but has so far been centered in the legal academy. The book suggests that “the conversation needs to move in the opposite direction as well-centered in religious studies and theology and reaching out to the legal field. Ethics at the Edges of Law begins this movement by arguing for the discipline of law as a valuable source of moral wisdom and conceptual insight for ethicists.”

Ethics at the Edges of Law follows closely on the heels of the award-winning A Culture of Engagement: Law, Religion, and Morality, a compilation of her Commonweal essays published in 2016 in the Georgetown University Press Moral Traditions series.

Professor Kaveny regularly teaches contract law to first-year law students. She also teaches a number of seminars that explore the relationship between theology, philosophy, and law, such as “Faith, Morality, and Law,” “Mercy and Justice,” and “Complicity.”

Professor Kaveny is the president of the Society of Christian Ethics, the major professional society for scholars of Christian ethics and moral theology in North America.

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