Winter 2018

Faculty Milestones

Great Minds: Dean Hashimoto, who holds degrees from Stanford, Yale, UC Berkeley, Harvard, and UC San Francisco was elected last fall to the American Law Institute, a leading US organization producing scholarly work to clarify, modernize, and improve the law. He shares that distinction with BC Law colleagues Ray Madoff, R. Michael Cassidy, and Catherine Wells, among others. Hashimoto’s expertise lies in the interface of law, science, and medicine, especially in the areas of health care policy and the role of scientific evidence in the courtroom.

Law Under Siege: Professors George Brown and Daniel Kanstroom participated on a Constitution Day panel at BC Law. Brown discussed “Trump’s disturbing attitude toward the law,” and Kanstroom said it remains to be seen whether Trump’s decision to pardon Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio could undermine the judicial branch’s power to check the executive. Brown also spoke at the Penn State Law Review symposium “Breach of the Public (DisTrust): Political Corruption and Government Ethics in 2017.”

Real News: Tax professor James Repetti ’80 set off a string of citations in national news media after he was quoted by Bloomberg regarding a late revision to the tax reform bill. “This is a windfall for real estate developers like Trump,” Repetti said. The Washington Post, Vanity Fair, Politico, Esquire, and Mother Jones also quoted him. Other profs who frequently commented to the press on a variety of topics: Patricia McCoy, Kent Greenfield, Kari Hong, and David Lyons. The Nonprofit Times gave Ray Madoff its Power and Influence Award, putting her among the 50 most influential in the field.

Farewell: Henry Clay, who was the Law School’s Associate Dean for Administration from 2002 to 2008 before retiring to Virginia, passed away in November. He came to BC Law after twelve years as Chief Staff Counsel of the Massachusetts SJC, and served the Law School under Dean John Garvey. He leaves more than his legacy for hard work; his son, Christopher Clay, graduated in 2007.

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