Winter 2018

Saving Democracy

Amid rapid globalization and rising populism, threats to liberal constitutional democracies are prevalent in countries like Poland, Turkey, Hungary, and Venezuela.

Threat: Government refused to publish unfavorable decisions of Constitutional Tribunal in the Official Journal. Fix: Get lower courts to hold that the tribunal’s interpretations are binding even without publication in the journal.


Threat: Change of constitutional regime from parliamentary to presidential and the jailing of journalists. Fix: Provide human rights data to organizations like Freedom House in hopes they’ll downgrade Turkey to “not free.”


Threat: Constitutional order overhauled and political opponents persecuted since Orban government came to power in 2010. Fix: Pressure EU to withhold budgetary allocations because of repeated violations of the rule of law. tutionality of laws may go to Poland’s other courts.


Threat: President called on Constitutional Assembly to draft new constitution to replace 1999 one. Fix: Apply pressure from international bodies, such as Organization of American States, against Maduro Regime.

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