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Putting Civility Back into Discourse

Relativism, Individualism partly to blame for public divisiveness.


Many Americans today are asking themselves how to disagree well in an age of ideological crisis. So were the organizers of a Christian Legal Society event by that name at BC Law on March 27.

During his talk, speaker Kasey Leander (above), a fellow with the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, named contributing factors that he believes have led to the current state of affairs. He said that “truth” has been replaced by relativism and community well-being by individual supremacy, leading to increased polarization. A result is a recent verge to the extremes on both sides—the alt-right on the right and the antifa, or antifacists, on the left.

He also offered some antidotes: remember that truth exists and is external to ourselves; hold on to the right of people to speak freely; and adapt a more spiritual and loving understanding of one’s opponents.

Student Venus Chui ’18 was among the event’s attendees, and she wrote about what she learned for the Law School’s Impact blog.