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A ‘Visionary’ in Our Midst

The New York Times named Nathaniel C. Stinnett ’05 as one of its “Visionaries” in a special Sunday section May 27 on the nation’s leading innovators. This year’s select out-of-the-box thinkers were divided into five categories: medicine, business, technology, climate, and arts. Stinnett was in the climate group.

Stinnett’s big idea, as founder and director of the Environmental Voter Project, is to get environmentalists to vote, reasoning that if they start voting in greater numbers, politicians would have to pay more heed to them and the issues that concern them.

But this isn’t the first time Stinnett has been called a visionary. He was designated the “Voting Guru” in Grist’s 50 environmental visionaries to follow in 2016. The following year he appeared in BC Law Magazine after giving the keynote address at the annual Advancing Research and Scholarship at BC event.

He’s also no stranger to campaigns. He has been a senior advisor and consultant to political campaigns and nonprofits, including to BC Law alumnus John Connolly in his effort to become mayor of Boston in 2013. Prior to that Stinnett was an associate at DLA Piper.


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