Summer 2018


Idea Man: Nathaniel C. Stinnett ’05 was profiled in the New York Times’ annual “Visionaries” section May 27 for his efforts to get out the vote among environmentalists. This year’s innovators were divided into five categories: medicine, business, technology, climate, and arts. Stinnett was in the climate group. His big idea, as founder and director of the Environmental Voter Project, is based on the belief that if environmentalists cast ballots in greater numbers, politicians will have to pay more attention to them and their concerns. He was similarly recognized by Grist Magazine as one of its fifty “visionaries to follow in 2016.”

Advising Trump: Though Rudy Giuliani stole most of the thunder in April when the White House announced new members of its legal team, Jane Raskin ’80 and her husband Martin were also part of the story. The couple, whose law firm is in Miami, were hired to assist the President as special counsel Robert Mueller investigates allegations that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians during the 2016 election. Early in her career, Raskin prosecuted organized crime cases in Boston and handled criminal investigations for the AG in Washington, DC.

Patients Beware: During an exclusive Boston Globe interview in February, top Boston medical malpractice attorney Michael E. Mone ’67 revealed that he himself is the victim of a missed diagnosis of kidney cancer that is now inoperable. Though he has reached a settlement with those responsible, Mone told his story to raise awareness about the risks of negligent care.

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