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Bellotti at 95: Wise as Ever

Two alumni talk politics, public service, and political integrity.

Photograph by Jacob Silberberg ’12

It was the coming-together of a mentor-mentee, leader and acolyte, and now friend and friend when former Massachusetts attorney general Francis X. Bellottti ’52 sat down recently with former transportation secretary and author James A. Aloisi Jr. ’78.

The occasion was a CommonWealth magazine Codcast interview conducted by Aloisi with the man who hired him fresh out of BC Law School as part of the team of prosecutors he assembled in the 1970’s.

Their conversation was chummy, politically insightful, and nostalgic.

As the now-95-year-old Bellotti described the bruisings and triumphs of political life of late-20th century Massachusetts (he ran for office nine times—one for district attorney, once for lieutenant governor, three times for governor, and four times for attorney general), Aloisi identified parallels with today’s political maneuverings. He also described Bellotti’s story as one “of perseverance, of political integrity, and the power of example.”

To read more in CommonWealth and to listen to the Codcast, click here.

Photograph: Bellotti speaking at Law Day in 2010