Winter 2019

For the Record

Good Use of a Law Degree

I was delighted to read about David Fialkow’s Academy Award-winning documentary, Icarus(“The Creative Genius of David Fialkow,” Summer 2018). I am very proud of my first-year section mate for his good and important work. I guess one can do all kinds of things with a law degree to make the world a better place.

The Hon. James G. McGiffin Jr. ’85
Family Court of the State of Delaware
Dover, Delaware


Stolen Mailbox Case Gets Stranger

There is no end in sight for resolution of the cases against husband-and-wife Louis and Katherine Kealoha, the disgraced Hawaii police chief and Honolulu city prosecutor whose wrongdoings were brought to light by federal defender Alexander Silvert ’84 (“The Mysterious Case of the Missing Mailbox,” Summer 2018). In fact, the cases, one involving bank fraud, the other conspiracy and obstruction of justice, have become an investigative vortex pulling in an ever growing number of suspects and offenders.

A firefighter, for one, pleaded guilty in July to lying under oath about his affair with Katherine Kealoha, a relationship that involved her alleged use of stolen money (part of the bank fraud case) to pay his travel and hotel expenses. A fellow city prosecutor, for another, was being investigated in the public corruption probe (that also implicated several police officers), which all began in 2013 with the Kealohas’ alleged attempt to frame Katherine Kealoha’s nephew for stealing their mailbox.

And then this: Last October, Katherine Kealoha was granted a request to delay the couple’s bank fraud trial because she claimed an extenuating medical condition. The trial was postponed until June 18.

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