Winter 2019

Reunion Weekend 2018

Reunions are, by nature, great fun, and the weekend of November 2-3, which gathered members of classes ending in 3 and 8, was no exception. Except that, well, it was exceptional.

Let us count the ways:

Some 500 people attended Saturday’s reunion events: a BAN meeting, judges panel, Dean’s Council Reception, and Reunion Dinners at the Ritz-Carlton Boston.

On Friday scores of Legal Assistance Bureau alumni came to campus to celebrate 50 Years of Clinical Education at BC Law (comprising a founder’s lunch and storytelling sessions). Dozens of other guests attended a Rappaport Center panel on criminal conviction, student-led campus tours, a guided trip to the McMullen Museum of Art, the Alumni Assembly annual meeting that included a conversation with former Boston Police Commissioner William Evans, and a Welcome Back Dinner and “Bar Review.”

As these accompanying photos attest, it was a fine time, indeed.

To see more Reunion 2018 photos, click here. To see photos of LAB 50 celebrations, click here.

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