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The Power of Many

It’s simple math. Small gifts add up.


Every year, the BC Law community comes together to provide vital support for students who need help meeting the costs of law school. While some among us are able to make very significant gifts, others may stretch in order to make a smaller gift—and may wonder whether such gifts matter. They do.

The collective impact of those who give more modest gifts, once combined, is quite significant. In fact, roughly one-seventh of our alumni community make gifts of less than $1,000 each year. When we total these gifts, it exceeds an impressive $303,000, which covers half of tuition for eleven students. The vast majority of these gifts are made to the Law School Fund, a fund that provides support for many of the Law School’s most important and immediate needs, notably student scholarships. It also supports faculty research, PILF summer stipends, and a handful of special projects that might otherwise not be possible.

As we continue to grow the annual fund to support the $10 million annual financial aid budget, every single one of those gifts makes an important difference—precisely because it plays a role in the collective support for BC Law.

Bottom line—if you’ve ever wondered whether each and every gift can really make a difference at BC Law, there’s one simple answer: yes.

The power of many has an extraordinary impact.

To join others in this collective vote of confidence in BC Law, make your gift today at

The Small Gift Equation in 2018


Total donors to the Law School Fund


Donors giving less than $1,000


Total dollars from these 1,743 donors


Those donations cover the average financial aid award for 11 students