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A Model of Collaboration

Law and social work schools host visitors from afar eager to learn how interdisciplinary education works.

Photograph by Caitlin Cunningham

The maturing of a pioneering model for interdisciplinary education created by Boston College’s law and social work schools was celebrated in January with the arrival of a team of colleagues from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile’s Law School (PUC Law). The visitors’ intent was to study the best practices devised by BC’s collaborative initiative in order to improve their own school’s clinical programs.

“I wanted to enhance BC Law’s ability to convene scholars and practitioners from different fields who would build meaningful interdisciplinary partnerships,” BC Law Dean Rougeau Rougeau says in an article published by the BC School of Social Work. “This is how enduring solutions will be found to longstanding legal, social, and public policy problems. I also wanted to enhance the global engagement of our students and faculty. The legal clinic collaboration with PUC provided a great opportunity to invest in a project that would move all of those goals forward.”

Read the article here.