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‘You’re Heroes’

At Scholarship Dinner 2019, donors and students share stories and thanks.

April 4, 2019 -- Boston College Law School's 2019 Law Scholarship Dinner, held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Boston, MA. Photo by Caitlin Cunningham Photography.  Photographs by Caitlin Cunningham

The Fourteenth Annual Scholarship Dinner was held April 4 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Boston. The elegant gathering brought some 100 donors and their student recipients together for a shared evening of celebration and appreciation.

Student John Marley ’21, recipient of the Eugene and Mary Carey Endowed Scholarship, gave a rousing speech, expressing his gratitude for the privilege of a legal education and for the opportunity to “analyze law deeply.” He said he hopes to carry BC Law values into the big law space.

Mostly, though, he gave a ringing acknowledgment of the donors whose resolve, he said, has unshackled aspirants from the debt that could deter them from seeking a legal education.

“You support people you don’t know, and you do it over and over again,” he marveled. “You’re heroes.”


  1. Lois Champy, Philip Privitera ’95, Toni-Ann Privitera
  2. Emma Coffey ’20, Carmen Ortiz
  3. Vincent Nuccio, Kaitlin Martin ’21
  4. Abigail Rosenfeld ’21, Peter Flynn ’78
  5. Michael Fee ’84, Robert Bloom ’71, Jeffrey Sabin ’77
  6. John Marley ’21
  7. Carmen Ortiz
  8. Kristin Montgomery, Laura Montgomery ’06, Matthew Burton’21, John Montgomery ’75
  9. Joseph Archambeau ’21
  10. Matthew Feblowitz ’20, Ming Jin ’21, David Weinstein ’75, Perry Feinberg ’19
  11. Dean Vincent Rougeau, Mercedes Evans ’78, Elizabeth Webster
  12. Roger Bougie ’62, Rachel Taylor ’21
  13. Danielle Black ’96, Brian Black, Dean Vincent Rougeau
  14. Lois and James Champy ’68, Kevin Collins ’20
  15. Frederick Enman SJ, Matthew Suhosky ’21
  16. Joseph Manning ’21, Paul Tremblay, Kevin Collins ’20
  17. Kevin Collins ’20, Joseph Manning ’21
  18. Matthew Fabiszewski ’21, Paul Dacier, Michael Bevilacqua ’21, Brett Gannon ’21
  19. David Weinstein ’75, Kelsey Barrett ’21, Matthew Suhosky ’21
  20. Roger Bougie ’62, Dean Vincent Rougeau
  21. Kathleen and David Flanagan ’73, Matthew Fabiszewksi ’21
  22. Scholarship Dinner Program