Summer 2019

For the Record


I enjoyed reading the Winter 2019 issue of BC Law Magazine. I especially liked the story about the Legal Assistance Bureau (“Once Upon a Time”) since I worked at LAB and clerked for Professor Arthur Berney during my years at BC law. Keep up the good work.

John Montalbano ’80
West Hartford, CT

More on Migration’s Heavy Footsteps

It is no coincidence that this issue containsan article about the major global migration conference held at BC Law in April (“On the Move”).

The event, a collaborative effort of the Law School and BC’s School of Social Work, brought together more than 250 lawyers and social workers from around the world who are on the frontlines of the international migration movement.

No coincidence because the event was, in part, a collaborative response to Professor Daniel Kanstroom’s call to action in his book, Deportation World, which itself inspired two pieces in the Winter 2019 issue.

One article was a study of Kanstroom’s scholarship and role bringing focus to deportation and the critical need for cooperation across international borders in order to cope with it.

The other piece was an information graphic, produced with his input, that presented some dizzying numbers and sobering facts about migration.

Clearly, Kanstroom’s is an audible voice in the growing chorus of concern about a phenomenon that is as true to the nature of mankind as is the act of breathing.

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