Summer 2019

Paths to Success

Alicia Alvarez ’85
LAB Report: As a law student, she found her path in the BC Law’s Legal Assistance Bureau (LAB). “LAB demonstrated to me what it meant to practice law.” Experience in Practice: She has devoted her career to public interest law and clinical legal education. Formerly at the University of Michigan, she begins a new job in July as associate dean for experiential education at University of Illinois Chicago John Marshall Law School. Mission Accomplished: “If I expose students to even a small part of what LAB meant to me, I feel I am contributing to creating better, more ethical, happier, and more compassionate lawyers.”

16-17_BCSum19_D_InTheField_04Albert Chin ’91
Inside Out: After serving as general counsel for two Silicon Valley start-ups, and as senior counsel at established companies such as Disney and Intuit, he recently became a consultant with Paragon Legal, which provides senior lawyers to leading Bay Area technology and Fortune 500 companies. Roster: His clients include everything from start-ups to major corporations such as Facebook, Twitter, and Splunk. “What I find most interesting is working with high-growth tech companies on their newest growth initiatives.” Skills Set: “The best way to go in-house directly or via the consulting route is to hone your skills in areas that companies are often reluctant to outsource, such as licensing, M&A, or IP transactions.”

16-17_BCSum19_D_InTheField_05Andrew Collins ’12
Launch Pad: To explore his passions for law, business, and policy, he spent five years with a lobbying firm in Washington, DC, called “theGROUP DC,” where he became general counsel and worked with foreign governments and Fortune 500 companies. Uber-Challenging: In 2018, he joined Uber as regulatory counsel. Now, he’s at the forefront of legal challenges facing the gig economy. “It’s an exciting time to advise such a fast-paced, disruptive, and innovative company tackling novel legal issues and regulatory challenges.” Advice: “Lawyers are needed everywhere, and we take on a wide spectrum of fascinating roles. Stick to what you’re passionate about and you’ll find that the opportunities are endless.”

16-17_BCSum19_D_InTheField_06Tahirah Dean ’16
Visa Virtuoso: As a staff attorney in the Dallas office of Berry Appleman and Leidan, she specializes in employment-based immigration, particularly in the high-tech field. Inspiration: As a child, she was fascinated by immigrants who brought stories of other cultures to her Texas mosque. She chose immigration law as a way to honor her background. Helping Hand: She regularly takes pro bono cases and recently traveled to Greece to work in a legal clinic serving refugees. “These were mainly individuals from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iran, crowded into poorly run camps. Seeing their smiling faces when I provided them with basic legal assistance brought me much joy.”

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