Summer 2019

Visions of Democracy in a Troubled World

BC Law Professor Frank Garcia believes that in order to address the crisis in trade policy and economic globalization, nations need to recapture a vision of trade as a mutually beneficial consensual exchange. As he explained to international scholars gathered last March, trade is nothing more or less than the economic bargains we agree to, and the rules we agree on to protect, support, and facilitate these bargains. Garcia’s book, Consent and Trade (CUP 2018), was the catalyst for the event, “Consent, Coercion, and Democracy.”

The BC Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional democracy also hosted these presentations:

  • “Cosmopolitan Constitutionalism: The Case of the Europe Convention System,” the Clough Distinguished Lecture in Jurisprudence by University of Vienna Professor Alexander Somek.
  • “Constitutional Rights of Corporations” based on the work of BC Law professor and author Kent Greenfield.
  • “Human Rights in Aid of Development in Jinxed Africa” by University of Ghana Professor Raymond Atuguba.
  • “The Free Formation of Political Will” by Judge Klemen Jaklič of the Constitutional Court of Slovenia.

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