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The Birth and Vital Life of BC Law’s Immigration Clinic

A saga of social justice and legal passion that's changing the lives of the desperate, one tough case at a time.


Writing in Boston College’s The Heights, Maeve Reilly recounts the story of how a young law professor’s passion for helping the marginalized led to the formation of one of the country’s most important immigration clinics, in part by focusing on detainees. That Daniel Kanstroom’s dogged pursuit of justice and his gift for mentoring inspired scores of aspiring lawyers to follow his example is manifest today in the BC Law Immigrant Clinic, now under the direction of Mary Holper ’03, one of those former students.

“I should say, for the record, she was one of the best students I ever had,” Kanstroom told The Heights. “And I’m so proud she’s running this program now.”

To read more about how Kanstroom and Holper discovered their calling in the law and how their choices are making a difference for many of the nation’s most despairing, click here.