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Brodin Judges SCOTUS Mooting at Harvard Law

BC Law Professor Mark Brodin was invited by the Harvard Law School American Constitution Society, Federalist Society, and Law Review to participate in a November 1 mooting for the pending Supreme Court case Comcast Corp. v. Nat’l Assoc of African Am. Owned Media. He was joined by Harvard Law professors Vicki Jackson, Charles Fried, and Joseph Singer on a panel questioning Dean Erwin Chemerinsky of Berkeley Law, Counsel for the Respondent. The case examines claims of race discrimination and whether or not they are valid in the absence of but-for causation.

A mooting serves as a “practice round” where an advocate for a party in the case presents their arguments before a panel of experts in the subject matter in a simulated court experience. Harvard’s American Constitution Society currently hosts one of the largest Supreme Court moot programs in the country.

Professor Brodin is the Michael and Helen Lee Distinguished Scholar and former Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at BC Law. He has extensive experience representing clients in employment discrimination cases, housing discrimination, sexual harassment, and police misconduct, and often writes on topics including employment discrimination, constitutional criminal procedure, civil procedure, and litigation. He is the author of numerous oft-cited law review articles, and co-author of Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence (with Michael Avery), Criminal Procedure: The Constitution & Police (with BC Law Professor Robert M. Bloom), and Civil Procedure: Doctrine, Practice and Context (with Stephen Subrin, Martha Minow, Thom Main & Alexandra Lahav). Brodin is Editorial Consultant to the six-volume Weinsten’s Federal Evidence treatise. His William P. Homans Jr.: A Life in Court (Revised Edition, 2016) traces the life and times of the iconic criminal defense and civil liberties lawyer.

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