Winter 2020

Notable Faculty Publications

Robert Bloom ’71 and Mark Brodin co-authored Examples & Explanations for Criminal Procedure: The Police and the Constitution, 9th Edition (Wolters Kluwer), a popular casebook companion for its clear explanations and useful hypotheticals. Brodin also co-wrote (with Michael Avery) the Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence, 2020 Edition (Wolters Kluwer).

Kari Hong, in “10 Reasons Why Congress Should Defund ICE’s Deportation Force,” (NYU Review of Law & Social Change), argues that the Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) wing of ICE responsible for deporting non-citizens is unnecessary to keep America safe, and hurts Americans and the economy. She proposes this as a middle ground to abolishing ICE.

Joseph Liu believes that Congress, when delegating rulemaking authority to the Copyright Office, must consider its focus on administering legislative compromises between large industries rather than on furthering specific copyright policies. In “Copyright Rulemaking: Past as Prologue” (Berkeley Technology Law Journal), Liu explains his concerns.

Hugh Ault penned, with co-authors Brian Arnold and Graeme Cooper, the fourth edition of Comparative Income Taxation: A Structural Analysis. The comparative study of income taxation provides fresh perspectives to evaluate a particular national system. The book presents solutions adopted by eleven industrialized nations, including the newly added China and India.

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