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Class of 2020 Awards Announced

Dean Vincent Rougeau: 'We clearly have far more amazing and talented students than awards to extend.'

Photograph by Caitlin Cunningham

On may 22, Dean Vincent Rougeau capped a celebratory week of virtual graduation activities at BC Law by announcing the winners of this year’s Commencement Awards. A modified, in-person, law school-only Commencement event at Conte Forum is tentatively scheduled for late Sunday afternoon, October 11, 2020.

Before making awardees’ names public, Dean Rougeau reached out to each of them via Zoom, a connection about which he said, “Sharing this experience with family members from as far away as Mumbai to those as close as Newton Centre was one I will never forget.”

Below are the recipients of the awards in the order extended:

The Dean’s Award for Diversity – Bria Colman
Recognizes a student who has made outstanding contributions to diversity in the life of the law school community.

The Law School Awards for Clinical Excellence – Monica Allard and Rachel Feit Recognizes two students who have done outstanding work in our clinical programs.

The Lewis S. Gurwitz Award – Hannah Deegan
Honors a law student who has shown selfless commitment to the defense of those without the resources to defend themselves.

The LLM Leadership Award – Ankita Rath
Honors an LLM student who serves as an ambassador of the LLM Program with our faculty, staff, Visiting Scholars, JD/LLM and exchange students.

 The Dean Dennis A. Dooley Award – Emma Coffey
Honors a student for outstanding scholarship average, for ranking second highest in the graduating class, our salutatorian.

The Cornelius J. Moynihan Awards – Matt Bailey and Sam Thomas
Recognizes two students who have done outstanding editorial work on publications.

The William J. O’Keefe Award – Caroline Holliday
Honors a student for outstanding contribution to the law school.

 The Richard G. Huber Award – Julia Prezioso
Honors a student for scholarship and leadership in extra- and co-curricular activities.

 The Law School Award for Service and Leadership by a Group – BLSA
Honors one student organization each year for outstanding service and leadership in our law school community.

 The Richard S. Sullivan Award – Meaghan Annett
Honors a student for overall contribution to the Law School community, service to the community, and outstanding school spirit.

 The Aviam Soifer Award – Kevin Collins
Honors a student for public service achievement and leadership.

The Sheila McGovern Award – Caroline Reilly
Recognizes a student for achievement of personal goals under extraordinary circumstances.

The John D. O’Reilly, Jr. Award – Tyler Hendricks and Mason Marek
Honors students’ outstanding contribution to the law school community through service to its students

 The Susan Grant Desmarais Award – Hailey Jenkins
Recognizes a student for public service achievement and leadership.

 The St. Thomas More Award – Ashley Nicolella Petrow
Recognizes a student who exemplifies the intellectual, spiritual, and moral qualities of St. Thomas More.

 The Philip Joseph Privitera ‘95 Commencement Award – Eliza Walker
Honors a student for exceptional contributions through outstanding scholarship and commitment to service as well as to the work of the law. Recognizes an individual who is an extraordinary student leader as well as an excellent scholar.

 The Attorney Michael A. Flanagan Award – Ariel Borgendale
Honors a student for outstanding scholarship average, for ranking highest in the graduating class, our valedictorian.