Summer 2020

A Lawyer’s Lawyer

Tribute: Michael Mone ‘67 was an eminent Boston trial attorney who changed Massachusetts law with the 1980 case Franklin vs Albert, which extended the timeframe for filing medical malpractice claims. A partner in the Boston firm Esdaile, Barrett, Jacobs & Mone, he was also admired for his representation of lawyers and judges facing professional disciplinary charges. Mone passed away on March 20.

Photo above: Michael Mone ’67, right, with his son, Michael Mone Jr. ’96.

“My dad was a legal giant, with few peers in the courtroom. But what I admire most about him was the time he gave to other lawyers who called him for advice. I can’t tell you the number of lawyers who’ve approached me over the years to tell me how thankful they were for the time when they had a question about a case, or an ethical dilemma, and they called my father for advice, and he was there for them. He loved being a lawyer and was fiercely proud of this profession. He extended himself so freely, to so many who needed help, and he did so much good. That’s really his legacy, not the courtroom victories and defeats, but all that he gave back to the bar, both in his leadership, and the advice and counsel he gave to generations of lawyers across this state.” —Michael Mone Jr. ’96, remembering his father

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