Summer 2020

Notable Faculty Publications

Daniel R. Coquillette and Bruce Kimball have followed On the Battlefield of Merit with the second in their two-volume history of Harvard Law School. The Intellectual Sword: Harvard Law School, the Second Century (Harvard University Press), which earned distinction as a Belknap Press imprint. It chronicles the school’s near collapse and dramatic resurgence during that period.

Shu-Yi Oei and Diane Ring teamed up to write “Tax Law’s Workplace Shift” (Boston University Law Review). The authors examine whether a deduction in the 2017 tax law could lead to a widespread shift toward independent contractor jobs, costing workers employee protections. They conclude that it is difficult to isolate the deduction as the sole driver of such a shift.

Brian JM Quinn, who has written extensively on issues of legal reform in post-Socialist Asia, particularly Vietnam, was the resident director for the Fulbright Economics Teaching Program in Ho Chi Minh City from 1994-2000. His recent work on the nation is “Developing Fiduciary Culture in Vietnam,” published this year by Seattle University Law Review.

Patricia McCoy, a prominent scholar of financial services regulation and the 2008 banking crisis, wrote two articles in 2020 with Susan M Wachter. “The Macroprudential Implications of the Qualified Mortgage Debate” was published in Law and Contemporary Problems. “Why the Ability-to-Repay Rule Is Vital to Financial Stability” appeared in Georgetown Law Journal.

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