Winter 2021

Faculty Milestones

A Nod to the Bard: Mark Brodin, in an October letter to the Los Angeles Times regarding what he called President Trump’s “towering high crimes and misdemeanors” and his threats around upcoming election results, invoked Tom Stoppard’s satirical Shakespearean play, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. Brodin drew an analogy between the American people and Stoppard’s doomed characters, who bemoaned, “There must have been a moment, at the beginning, where we could have said—no. But somehow we missed it.”

Best of the Best: Ray Madoff, co-founder of BC Law’s Forum on Philanthropy and the Public Good, was among The Charity Report’s 2020 Exceptional Women, honored for speaking out about inequities and making decisions unpopular with influential people. The honorees “articulated a critique that took guts, intelligence, wit, and steadfastness,” the report said.

Well Chosen: David Wirth is one of thirteen new Fulbright US Scholar Alumni Ambassadors, whose mission is to increase the program’s nationwide visibility and to expand the diversity of future participants. In November, labor law scholar Hiba Hafiz unexpectedly found herself on the Progressive Change Institute’s recommended list of hires to President-elect Biden’s transition team.

Having Their Say: BC Law’s public intellectuals made waves in the latter half of 2020. Patricia McCoy appeared in American Public Media’s podcast “Spectacular Failures,” about Countrywide’s role in the 2008 financial crisis. Brian Quinn was quoted in the Business of Fashion on the M&A battle surrounding Tiffany and Co. Renee Jones discussed the sizzling IPO market with the Wall Street Journal. Kent Greenfield spoke to multiple outlets on everything from election lawsuits to Amy Coney Barrett’s ascension to SCOTUS. Daniel Lyons considered big tech censorship in an American Enterprise Institute blog. Michael Cassidy spoke to the Wall Street Journal on incomplete recordings in Breonna Taylor’s case. Kari Hong commented widely on expedited deportation, DACA, and the Oregon protests.

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