Winter 2021

Good Governance Matters

A group of BC Law students have put feet to pavement to improve the policies underpinning modern political systems. Their first step was forming the Good Governance Project (GGP), a partnership between the Law School and BC’s Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy.

Photo above: Massachusetts State Senator Jamie Eldridge ’00

“During my 1L year, I felt that there was not a place or club through which I could pursue my interest in campaign finance reform,” GGP President Matthew Victor ’22 said. “The Good Governance Project seeks to fill that void, and provide structure and resources for students interested in the critical work of democracy reform.”

Next, the organization began forming cohorts of students to leverage their voices on relevant issues like gerrymandering, campaign finance, ranked-choice voting, and voter suppression and then hosted a kickoff event in October featuring notable reformers in the space.

The speakers were president of American Promise Jeff Clements; entrepreneur and former Tennessee congressman Zach Wamp; and Sara Eskrich, executive director of Democracy Found.

Massachusetts State Senator Jamie Eldridge ’00 also spoke and offered these words of encouragement: “I do really think it’s important for law students or young lawyers to get involved in your community and raise these issues about all the systemic barriers to improving our democracy and providing common sense policy.”

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