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In Pursuit of Justice

The eloquent admission essays of five new BC Law students.

Illustrations by Dana Smith

At a time when thoughtful narratives are easily overrun in the rush to capture the moment in texts and tweets, there is a kind of grace in reading something that takes its time, lingers in the mind, and provides a nuanced reflection on the writer’s life.

That is the gift of the admissions essays of five new BC Law 1Ls who, like legions of prospective students past and present, write their hearts out to persuade school officials to admit them.

They reveal their vulnerabilities and strengths as they endeavor to create a rationale for their wish to study the law.

Some such stories can be painful or difficult to tell—and to read—but the authors, to a person, can be seen to have grown in the process of doing so.

In this fourth installment of BC Law Magazine’s periodic series on an entering class, these aspirants leave no doubt: They are precisely the kind of bravehearts who will make remarkable lawyers one day. BC Law—and the world in general—is lucky they are here.