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Rougeau Introduced as President at AALS Meeting

The Association of American Law Schools kicked off its annual meeting on January 5  and welcomed BC Law Dean Vincent Rougeau as its new president. The AALS 2021 meeting consists of five days of events that conclude January 9, when Rougeau delivers his inaugural address to the attendees and takes the reins from Darby Dickerson of the UIC John Marshall Law School.

Each AALS meeting has a specific theme, which is decided on by the current president; Darby’s theme is “The Power of Words.”

Rougeau’s theme for the coming year, “Freedom, Equality, and the Common Good,” will inform his leadership and be the focus of the 2022 Annual Meeting next January.

“The past year has made clear that we stand at a crossroads in our history as a nation,” Rougeau said, “and it is my privilege to take up the presidency of the AALS in this particular moment.”   Rougeau said he hopes his theme will help to reestablish an understanding of the nation’s democratic values and the concept of freedom.

The AALS serves two distinct missions: It encourages excellence in the classroom through teaching and scholarship, academic freedom, and promoting diversity in the legal profession. It also supports professional development through meetings, mentorships, conferences, and workshops hosted throughout the year. 

Rougeau follows Richard Huber (1988) and John Garvey (2008) as the third BC Law Dean to be elected AALS President.

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Photo by Webb Chappell

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