Summer 2021

Notable Faculty Publications

Katharine Young, in “The Idea of a Human Rights-Based Economic Recovery after Covid-19,” which was published in the International Journal of Public Law and Policy in 2020, provides a visionary take on a post-pandemic world. The associate dean of faculty argues that people’s rights to economic and social rights are as essential as civil and political protections.

Paolo Barrozo writes, in the Yale Journal of Law and Humanities, that “in the ongoing institutionalization of normativity and adaptability, social stability as constant normative change is as much a sociological as it is an ethical achievement of legal systems.” The article, “Law in Time: Legal Theory and Legal History,” was published in 2021.

Michael Cassidy co-authored two books, Professional Responsibility in Focus, (Second Edition) and the Massachusetts Guide to Evidence, 2021 Edition. Also, his article, “Character, Credibility and Rape Shield Rules” in the Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy proposes a “next wave” of reform for rape shield rules to balance the interests of the parties involved.

Brian JM Quinn, writing in the University of Richmond Law Review, contests conventional wisdom that MACS in merger agreements provide an opportunity for buyers to renegotiate the agreements in the event of intervening adverse events. His post-pandemic analysis of modern MACS in merger agreements is titled “MACS, Mergers, and Covid-19.”

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