Summer 2021

Resources for First-Generation Law Students

Madeleine Kausel, Bob Lydon, and John-Henry Marley are first in their family to attend law school. First-generation law students face unique challenges and disparities, ranging from limited finances to imposter syndrome to lack of experience in networking and interviewing. At BC Law, they each found support, spot-on guidance, and community through the dozens of affinity organizations available. For example:

  • During a Latin American Law Students Association networking event at Fenway Park, Kausel was introduced to more than ten alumni attorneys.
  • Lydon was advised by the First Generation Professionals group to wear a blue or white shirt to an interview to make a winning impression.
  • Marley got the inside scoop on challenging classes from the Black Law Students Association (BLSA).

Marley says that the association was essential to his growth. “I owe everything to BLSA,” he explains. “I had no idea what was going on when I got to law school. BLSA taught me what I needed to do to practice at one of the big firms. They shared notes with me and helped put me in touch with Black attorneys in Boston and beyond.”

Lydon saw the First Generation Professionals group at an activities fair and right away decided to take a chance. “I went up to the table and blurted out, ‘Am I someone you would be willing to accept?’ They were so welcoming both in that moment and in helping me feel like I fit in the group and at BC Law.” At meetings, members can submit questions anonymously about anything related to their classes or law school in general. Lydon also gets help prepping for finals and finding summer jobs. Today, he is one of the group’s vice presidents.

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