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The Class of 2024 Arrives

A grand BBQ welcomed the 354 1Ls who are the first students to return to campus full-time since 2020.

Photographs by Vicki Sanders

Members of the Class of 2024, the most diverse in BC Law’s history, began classes August 30 in a mood of excitement and jitters as they made their way through registration and the labyrinthian hallways of campus in search of the bookstore, their classrooms, section mates, and lockers. The day culminated with an afternoon BBQ on the Stuart House lawn.

The 354 new 1Ls hail from 159 colleges and universities, 37 states and commonwealths plus Puerto Rico, and Washington, DC, and from 15 countries. Fifty-four percent are women, 32 percent identify as diverse, 15 percent as LGBTQ+, and 35 percent as first-generation college and graduate school students. They range in age from 21 to 38 years.

Their accomplishments are impressive. The group’s median LSAT score is 165 and GPA is 3.69; 148 are multilingual, and 21 hold advanced degrees. Many have served in the armed services, and many others have previously worked as news producers, social workers, engineers, foreign service workers, and entrepreneurs. Their numbers include talented athletes, musicians, dancers, and singers.

The Class of 2024 also stands out as the first to enter BC Law’s classrooms full-time and in person since March 2020, a historic milestone for the entire community.