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A Stand-up Fellow

Paul Kane, Educator, Senior Partner.


In Boston’s legal community, Paul M. Kane ’70 was a standout. He was a big man with a big heart, a pioneering figure in family law, and a born educator. He was also a giant at BC Law. A Double Eagle, Kane graduated from the Law School in 1970, taking on the mantle of assistant dean under Dick Huber and beginning a forty-year stint as a lecturer on family law.

When he passed away in September, the senior partner at McGrath and Kane left behind adoring friends like Mary McCabe ’78, who offered a knowing summary: “He was generous and funny and sarcastic and self-deprecating but not falsely humble, and he was so very, very smart. He delighted in the successes of others and didn’t suffer fools. He wanted to hear your story more than needing to tell his own. I am the better for having known him.”