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At Future’s Gate

How Winston Bodrick ’22 found his purpose and his calling.

Winston Bodrick ’22.  Photograph by Tony Luong
Student Snapshot
Provenance: Atlanta, Georgia. Learning: Morehouse College, BA in Sociology; two-sport athlete in football, baseball; study abroad & researcher in Ghana; Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Psi Chapter. Dartmouth College: MA in Cultural Studies; study abroad at University of Oxford; Dartmouth College Presidential Fellow; Vice President of Graduate Student Council; Dartmouth Inclusive Excellence Committee. Pre-Law: Deputy Director of Finance for a MA gubernatorial campaign; Director of Recruitment at The Partnership, Inc. At BC Law: 1L Legal Intern at Fidelity Investments; 1L Legal Intern at NASDAQ; alternative spring break at Disability Rights Louisiana; 2L Summer Associate at Kirkland & Ellis; 3L Legal Extern at The Carlyle Group; BLSA External Vice President (2020-21); Member of NEBLSA and LAHANAS. Community Involvement: Trustee, Historic Twelfth Baptist Church, Roxbury, MA; Vice President, Greater Boston Morehouse College Alumni Association; Member, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Favorite: Pastime Friday night high school football under the lights at Lakewood Stadium in Atlanta, GA. Fun Fact: He has a startup company with his two brothers. 

Shaped by Atlantacalled to Boston. I’m the son of a pastor and an educator. My parents instilled in me the importance of putting the community at the center of everything. Growing up in Atlanta and attending Morehouse College, I’ve always been surrounded by Black excellence (and southern hospitality), which gave me the confidence to excel. Now, Boston is my home. My family is here. My church is here. 

Everyone deals with imposter syndrome. My time at Dartmouth College was an opportunity for reflection, self-exploration, and an understanding of my Blackness in a predominately White space. I studied Black mayors and was inspired by executives like Vernon Jordan and Ken Chenault. I develop a keen interest in bettering my community through economic empowerment, politics, and law. When I worked as a political fundraiser on a gubernatorial campaign, I recognized the ties between politics and business. Political fundraising taught me how to not be afraid to make big asks, and broke the ice of confidence for how to speak to people in power. 

Boston is my canvas. Boston is ripe for opportunity. This city is changing right before our eyes, and I want to be part of the brush that paints the future of this city. I would love to continue building upon Boston’s legacy of Black excellence. 

My responsibility is to be a gate opener, not a gatekeeper. I don’t want to just reap the benefits of my foremothers and forefathers. I want to take what I’ve learned from them, pay it forward, and use it. That’s our purpose. Once you attain the knowledge, skills, and opportunities, you shouldn’t hoard it. Let it go so it can do its own work. 

A changing calculus. I’m blessed to be a father to a beautiful baby girl. Every decision has some consequence on my daughter. It’s a changing calculus. I’m not ultimately responsible just for me; now everything has an impact on another person. I strive to make it so that she can pick it up where I left off and chart a new lane for herself and her community.